More Than Half the World’s Population Lives Within the Circle

13 Aug

In a Washington Post article titled “40 Maps That Explain the World” (which, in my mind, don’t, but nevertheless is sill work a look here) the writer posted this rather striking illustration of the Asian-centered population cluster. What do you think—is it an accurate portrayal? Here are the data from the US Census Bureau included in the circle, which when added up constitute 51.4% of the world’s population:population-map

China: 1,349,585,838

India: 1,220,800,359

Indonesia: 251,160,124

Bangladesh: 163,654,860

Japan: 127,253,075

Philippines: 105,720,644

Vietnam: 92,477,857

Thailand: 67,448,120

Burma: 55,167,330

South Korea: 48,955,203

Nepal: 30,430,267

Malaysia: 29,628,392

North Korea: 24,720,407

Taiwan: 23,299,716

Sri Lanka: 21,675,648

Cambodia: 15,205,539

Laos: 6,695,166

Mongolia: 3,226,516

Bhutan: 725,296


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