Australia’s Wildfire Season Starts Early As 100 Fires Rage in the Southeast

21 Oct
Oz fire, 1

Bushfire in Tasmania state, Australia (photo from

Now that the wildfire danger here in the West has decreased somewhat with cooler weather (or at least that’s our hope), let’s not forget that the bushfire is just starting in Australia. And, unfortunately, indications are that it could be one of the worst on record with an early start to the fire season and a disturbing forecast for more hot and windy weather. Usually the Australian bushfire season reaches its peak in January and February, but at this writing there are already over 100 wildfires burning that have destroyed over 200 homes. Thousands of firefighters are on the lines, supported by some 90 aerial attack aircraft.

More background on Australian bushfires is here.

An interesting political take is that the new Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, is a global warming skeptic who has described climate change science as a “bunch of crap” and is determined to repeal much of Australia’s carbon emission control legislation. More on that topic is found here, from the Reuters news agency.

Oz fires, 2

A fire truck moves away from out of control flames in a fire 78 miles (125 kilometers)
west of Melbourne (AP Photo)

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