2013 Atlantic Hurricane Seasons Ends With No Major Storms

11 Dec
NASA hurricane

(photo courtesy of NASA)

The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season, which began on June 1 and ended November 30, was the first since 1968 to have no major storms of  category 2 or above. Interestingly, all major hurricane forecasting agencies had predicted an above average storm season. NOAA, for example, had forecast 3 to 6 major hurricanes for the 2013 season; in August 2013, because of decreased hurricane activity, NOAA revised their forecast downward to 3-5 major storms. One explanation for the decreased hurricane activity was the abundance of unusually dry air flowing off of the Sahara. Just why that was the case is still being debated. More details on the 2013 hurricane season are found on Wikipedia, here.






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