Germany Still Divided (in Some Ways) 26 Years After Unification

05 Oct

Germany celebrated (sort of) 26 years of unification last week but economic and demographic daBrandenburg Gate and Wallta show that in many ways the country still remains divided between the former East and West. Down below are a series of maps from a recent article  by Rick Noack in the Washington Post showing those differences. More details about each more are found in the article (which can be  can be found here), but in brief the unemployment rate is higher in the former East because after Unification many firms relocated to the former West, leaving fewer job opportunities in the eastern states. That relocation process also explains the income disparity (map two). With more employment in the former West, young people in the East tend to migrate to those opportunities, resulting in the disparity between younger and older populations. Last, these socioeconomic factors seem to have created a more inviting environment in the former East for far-right political parties.


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