Europe’s Anti-Migrant Fence Building Spree

25 Oct


In 2015 Europe was overwhelmed with over a million extralegal migrants (mainly refugees from Syria) seeking amnesty somewhere in the continent. So far in 2016, however, this number has been reduced by two-thirds, mainly because the difficulties of getting to the western European countries has been much more difficult by a new landscape of border fences that keeps extralegal migrants out. One of the most formidable is along the Greek-Macedonian border (show above) that has effectively stanched the flow of Syrian refugees who entered Greece either by sea or from Turkey with hopes of moving northward through the Balkan countries to Austria and Germany.

Not only has this new array of border fences discourage potential migrants from attempting to enter Europe but, tragically, it has trapped thousands of refugees in Greece where makeshift camps have arisen along the Macedonian border.

The Washington Post recently put together an informative multi-media feature story on this important topic which you’ll find here. Check it out.

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